Mini Overview


When does the season start?

It commences the week of June 3rd.

When does the season end?

The year end Jamboree will be held August 17th. rain date for severe weather is August 18th.

What should my player wear to soccer?

A jersey will be provided to all mini players (U4 through U10) and players keep these at the end of the season.

Soccer shorts and socks will be provided and it will be the responsibility of the player to wear these. Also, shin pads are mandatory and the soccer socks are to go over the shin pads. U4 players do not require cleats - athletic shoes are acceptable, but cleats are strongly encouraged, especially in wet weather. U6 through U10 players should have cleats for safety.

What else does my player need?
A size 3 ball is provided to all players (U4 through U8), U10 players will need a size 4 ball of their own and everyone should bring a bottle of water.

Are there washrooms at the fields?
A simple answer is “not all fields”. So, please make certain that your child usesthe washroom before attending soccer games/practices.


U4 Co-Ed Mini Program

For this level of soccer it is all about fun, parents or guardians are encouraged to be on-field with their little players. This program focuses on soccer fun – with and without a ball. All U4 teams are co-ed and there will not be organized or scheduled games. This group meets ONCE per week. Wednesday nights at 6 pm Bible Hill Consolidated School. 

U6 Boys & Girls Co-Ed Mini Program

Parents or guardians no longer have to be on the pitch with their players. This age category’s development focuses on the fundamentals of soccer. Practice on Monday and have a game on Wednesday. A schedule will be organized for game match-ups.


U8 Boys & Girls  Co-Ed Mini Program

Players continue to develop the fundamentals of soccer utilizing station format practices. There is much more focus at this level of player development on honing important skills of the game. At this state, referees are assigned to officiate games. Practice on Tuesday and have a game on Thursday. A schedule will be organized for game match-ups.

U10 Boys & Girls Co-Ed Mini Program

At this level, although fun remains the emphasis in soccer development, there is a greater focus on skills and essential techniques of the sport. Team play is increasingly emphasized by coaches. Practice on Monday and have a game on Wednesday. A schedule will be organized for these games.