Sponsorship & Fundraising

Sponsorship & Fundraising



The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for fundraising and sponsorship efforts taken for the interest of the CC Riders and its associated programs.


The CC Riders appreciates the support of its sponsors in assisting in the promotion of Soccer and the development our officials, coaches and players


Sponsorship – a transaction is considered sponsorship when an individual or other entity (the Sponsor) provides a fee or services in return for recognition / advertising associated with the CC Riders Soccer Club


The guidelines listed below are intended to establish the principles governing fundraising and sponsorship for the CC Riders Soccer Club

  • Fundraising, Sponsorship and Application of Grants for the CC Riders and its associated programs must be approved by the Board of Directors of the CC Riders.
  • All requests for Fundraising, Sponsorships and Grants must be submitted to the CC Riders Board with all supporting documentation and associated applications / agreements. The documentation must identify any expectations, requirements and / or any restrictions to be applied to CC Riders for funding. All documentation shall be kept on file by the secretary and a copy by the administrator.
  • All Sponsorships will be evaluated on its merits and shall not provide any advantage or disadvantage between member clubs or members.
  • At all times the identity of the CC Riders shall be predominate on associated uniforms, kits, publications and website.
  • No sponsor’s crests / logos will be put on CC Riders uniforms, correspondence, publications, and website without the consent of the CC Riders Board.
  • No member of the CC Riders Board, its employees and / or contract workers shall receive direct compensation or associated benefits related to sponsorship.
  • All sponsorship transactions must be acknowledged with a written receipt from the CC Riders Administrator for the funding received.
  • Sponsorship shall not include the promotion of alcohol or tobacco. Ideally sponsorship should promote “Healthy Living”.
  • Potential Sponsors should be directed to the Executive Members of the CC Riders who will bring those approved at this level to the board for final consideration.
  • No Sponsorship shall restrict CC Riders from purchasing any equipment or supplies from where its members choose.
  • Application of new sponsorships shall be evaluated such they do not conflict with those sponsorships previously approved.
  • All sponsorships shall be reviewed and / or renewed annually or as per the agreed renewal date.